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What is campus sim?



Campus Sim

Campus sim is data SIM card plan which can be used all over the Japan with NTT docomo network for international students. You can easily apply it if you have a passport or residential card. Payment can be done by credit cards or bank transfer too. For options, you can use a simcard w/SMS or Japanese IP phone number. After arriving in Japan, you are able to use a campus sim without contract term. This is prepaid system, so you don't have to terminate it. It is automatically stopped the service at the end of term. Don‘t have to return a simcard.

Which phone will be compatible?



Cmpatible Band

Make sure your phone is SIM-unlocked!

Main band is Band1, it might work if your

phone covers Band 1.

Don't Worry. Band 1 is pretty popular among any phone.

Do we need SMS ?




Our service is basically data only, no calling or no SMS.

IF you need a SMS function , you need to apply a SMS option.

For our service, SMS(Option) and data(regular service) are different sim card, meaning you can not add SMS after applying. 

Every month includes 5 outgoing message, all incoming

message are free

*No phone call, we will charge your paid amount over 5 message.

*Our regular sim card do not include SMS service.

Please choose this option provided that you need SMS or want to register apps such as LINE and so on. Also, please br cautious that you cannot add SMS option later since regular data only SIM card and SMS SIM card are different number's SIM card.

SMS option is ¥300 for a month

Could you explain about Japanese IP phone number ?


Japanese IP phone number(050)

Our service is basically data only, no calling or no SMS.

however you can add Japanese IP phone number(050) (this number you can register to bank account)service as option, the followings, 

Japanese IP phone number(050)→2,000yen *including 1,000yen credit


ex: 8.79yen per 3mins to Japanese land phone 19.88yen per min to Japanese mobile phone 3.99yen per min to USA

*This is IP phone, with some restrictions, you cannot call like police, Ambulance, emergency call, 119, 104, 110, 113, and so on. 

*No SMS (No text message)

*you can charge by yourself after using 1000yen credit.

What is policy?




After using maximum date within a month, speed will be down.

No return after purchase. No guarantee on your device.

If you want to change monthly plan, please contact us

untill 15th of the previous month.

​If you want to extend the contract, please contact us

untill 20th of the last month.

​How can I purchase?




Please go to our order page and fill out the application form.

We will contact you shortly with a payment form and then

you can make a payment by credit cards or bank transfer.

How can I check data balance?



Data check

Please go to App store or Google Play and download
"My Data Manager."
You can check how much data you used.

Transmission rate depends on your device. 3G network is available outside of LTE coverage. Monthly cycle is 1st to the end of month.  Any plan can be still used w/ 200kbps over amount of the usage data. That amount of the data will

be same.

How to set up?



It's easy and simple. please check links below.

How to do phone setting

(APN setting for SIM card)

How to set up phone number

( 050 IP phone setting)

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